Pros and Cons of a Doorless Shower

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Pros and Cons of a Doorless Shower

One trend we’ve been seeing lately is doorless showers. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of this style of shower so you can decide if it’s right for your home.

The Pros of Doorless Showers

When it comes to adding a doorless shower as part of a bathroom remodel, there are several advantages:

  • Increased natural light: With no barrier between the shower area and the rest of the room, natural light can easily pass through into the space. This can make a shower look brighter, bigger, and more inviting.
  • Improved airflow: With no door in the way, air can freely move between the bathroom and the shower, improving ventilation and reducing humidity levels.
  • Easier access for people with limited mobility: A lack of a door makes it easier for people with disabilities or limited mobility to enter and exit the shower rather than having to maneuver around an awkward doorway.

The Cons of Doorless Showers

While doorless showers have several benefits, there are some important considerations to think about before making your decision:

  • Reduced privacy: Without a physical barrier between the shower and the rest of the room, there is much less privacy in a doorless shower. This could be a concern if others will be using the bathroom while you’re taking a shower.
  • Potential messes: Without a door to contain water spray, there is an increased risk that water will get onto other areas of your bathroom or even into adjacent rooms.
  • More difficult to clean: Keeping a doorless shower clean requires more effort since water can easily spread beyond just the shower area itself.

If you’re considering adding a doorless shower during your next bathroom remodel project, Lighthouse Baths has plenty of experience helping homeowners throughout Chicagoland create stylish yet functional showers that meet their needs. Our 5-star rated team provides top-quality workmanship on every job we take on – call us today at 866-939-6197 to discuss how we can help with your next project!

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